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 RouletteBET calculator

RouletteBET calculator

RouletteBET® Calculator


Easily Calculate your Roulette Winnings

Bet with confidence and know exactly what you should be paid!




RouletteBET® Calculator was created to help people with the complex task of calculating their Roulette winnings!


With 160 bet locations on the Roulette table, coupled with an infinite number of possible bet combinations & multiple currency values, calculating the sum of your Roulette winnings accurately can be a daunting task. RouletteBET® Calculator allows players to calculate their Roulette winnings quickly, helping them to bet with confidence and know exactly what they should be paid.

The Instructions page provides information on how to use RouletteBET® Calculator.

Screen #1 allows users to select their currency and place their bets....

Screen #1: Bets have been placed.

How to use RouletteBET® Calculator


Screen #1 - Place Your Bets

Screen #1 -  Bets Placed

Screen #2 - Place the Marker

Screen #2 - Marker placed on desired number

Screen #3 - Sum of Winnings

Screen #2 allows users to place the Marker on a desired number...


Screen #2: Marker placed on number 27.

Screen #3 provides the user with an answer that reflects the Sum of Winnings.

Easily Calculate your Roulette Winnings!
Bet with confidence and know exactly what you should be paid.

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